September 17, 2008

So…WTF is PNBS? 

PNBS stands for “Post No Bills”, the name of the blog. “Post No Bills”, “No Bills”, “Post No Bill”, and even “Post No Billz” are apparently already-created blogs, so I had to go with the acronym.

Why Post No Bills? Well, that is because I have decided to spend the fall documenting life on construction sites in NYC. Almost every New Yorker, and probably most tourists, run into construction sites on a daily basis… whether they wake you up in the morning, make you cross the street, or allow you to be witness to some incredible traffic jams…construction sites are a constant presence in urban life.

“Post No Bills” comes from the same phrase used on almost every construction site in the city; the expression, often-sprayed on plywood that surrounds these locations, is meant to serve as a reminder not to put up any advertisements up on the wood. And how often is this rule ignored? 

Well…lets just say it took me 3 different trips to find a site that didn’t have the “Post No Bills” sign covered with a poster for an album/movie/TV show release.

The impetus behind this site is my NYU visual journalism class entitled, “Guerilla News.” I say visual journalism because, over the course of the semester, I will be updating this site with various forms of multimedia, including web video, NPR-type audio podcasts, photography, and hopefully a mix of combinations between the three, all focusing on life on a construction site.

I hope you will enjoy the forthcoming content, as I will try to find a balance between sharing my experience of covering such a topic and showcasing some (hopefully excellent) multimedia.

And besides the image header of the blog, I am still in the process of gaining access to the sites. Expect the next post (within 24 hours) to be an update on how difficult it’s going to be to get onto these sites.



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