Access Update

September 25, 2008

Its Wednesday night. Dozens of phone calls, emails, on-site visits….I am beginning to realize two things: Most of a story is about getting access, and it terms of my idea…access is probably going to kill it.

I have one last hope; an email to a friend who may have some connections…some very serious connections. I felt guilty emailing him, not able to accomplish what I wanted to by myself. But then again, another thing I have learned in the last year or so is that a lot of life is connections, who you know, who knows you, and so on. 

Thankfully, I have created two backup plans. The first is, instead of spending a semester above ground, how about a semester below ground? I am talking about the subway system of course. Could be an incredible project: the mix of harsh yellow and florecent light coupled with the seemingly never-ending darkness of a subway tunnel…the imagery could be great. 

The second backup is to do explore the life of prop house for movie sets in NYC. Yes, there are actual business that carry every type of fake AK-47, vaudeville clothing, and creepy dollhouse you can think of, and thankfully these business are pretty incredible. Walking from room to room is like walking between planets, and the people frequent these stores are almost as colorful as the objects they buy. Could be great.

Don’t want to say anymore until I hear some more concrete news, which should be tomorrow. I did have an incredible interview today with internationally recognized National Geographic photographer Ed Kashi, however. The post will be up tomorrow….absolutely worth checking out.


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