“It’s just not going to work”

September 26, 2008

I think I have heard that phrase about two or three dozen times in the past few weeks. I am pretty sure the construction project is dead, the MTA press office is too lazy to read my emails, John Beckman (who handles NYU President John Sexton’s PR) is not getting back to me, and even the building manager of the Courant Institute won’t give me permission to spend 5 minutes on a balcony taking a bird’s eye shot of Gould Plaza. 

Heading off to Kentucky (for the Mountain Workshops–a 6-day photojournalism workshop) next week doesn’t exactly help things, either. I have been told by past workshop attendees that sleep is a privilage, and checking email is a fantasy…so it is going to be very interesting when I get back see how I can get this project off the ground. For some reason I am not worried…it must be my undergraduate naivety (or cockiness…or both…whatever the “best” combination of piss and vinegar is), but something is going to have to give in two weeks. 

Ahh well. The interview with Ed Kashi on Wednesday was an incredibly inspiring conversation, so my spirits are high. I will make something work…its just not an option to fail!


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