Off to fly…

October 3, 2008

Shooting the sunrise at 6am (for the fourth straight day), followed by hanging with the family until 3pm…and now I am preparing to fly!

I have been given the opportunity to go up in a Sesno 170 airplane in about an hour to make a flyby of the town we are covering at the workshop. I just rented out a ridiculous amount of gear, and am very excited to go. There literally isn’t a cloud in the sky today, so the sunset should be incredible, especially the colors falling on the downtown. 

Less than 24 hours to shoot, so lots of holes to finish. I wanted to end the post with the link to the website of the workshop, which just went live.

I have several photos in the “Best of 2008” slideshow, so take a look and if you have any feedback please leave a comment!

See you soon,



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