1st World Trade Center Visit

October 23, 2008

Last week, I was finally granted access to the World Trade Center site. Joe Woolhead, the resident photographer for Silverstein Properties (and has a blog with weekly posts from Ground Zero), took me around for an hour or so. 

Too be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would the atmosphere still be solem and funeral-esque? Would the construction workers be working twice as fast, or with a sense of urgency? I was very curious to see if the obvious emotional and political conotations that would maybe be expected from a GZ worker actually held up when you’re there.

Even though I was only able to be on site for an hour, it felt like any other construction site would. Guys joking around, smiling, cracking jokes, and yes, getting work done. I bet that as I spend more time on site, the fact that it is Ground Zero will probably fade as a filter in which to view the site.

I ended up interviewing Joe Bradley, who is the Foreman for the Crane Operators. Joe was very candid and unabashed during the interview, and it was a perfect profile for how, even seven years later, working on the World Trade Center site is still a very different experience from other construction sites. His interview, most importantly, is really going to help tell the story of what’s going on with the most famous construction site in New York at the moment.

The video is in a second-cut stage. It will be up over the weekend most likely, and will continue to grow and expand as I collect more footage from the site.

Just the fact that I have access, even though limited, to Ground Zero is incredible. I simply cannot believe how lucky I am, but at the same time it reminds me how persistence pays off almost every time.

So much more material come, I can’t wait!


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