Renderings vs. Reality

November 25, 2008

After the photographs in the previous post, it’s probably pretty difficult to imagine what the new buildings of the WTC are going to look like.

Here is a link to the virtual renders of the site.

Lots of progress to be made by 20122013…2014…


World Trade Center Gallery

November 21, 2008

UPDATE 12/1: Captions added, tighter edit on photographs


Here is a gallery of photographs I took from the past week in and around the WTC site.

It kind of takes from outside the site, all the way to the site of Tower 4. Because of the noise and workplace restrictions, almost no worker would talk to me, let alone give their name, but I feel like I got some decent shots out of the day.

To make things easier, here is a link to a slideshow of the same images.

WTC visits this week.

November 21, 2008

One of the reasons why this blog has not been updated in a little while is because it has been an incredibly frustrating few weeks of trying to gain access again to Ground Zero. If I were to make constant progress reports to the blog, they would literally all look like this since my last post:

“I called and emailed the people at Silverstein Properties today, and from the VP who brought me in, to the photographer taking me around, they told me to call them back later on, when things ‘aren’t as busy.’ How am I supposed to know when things aren’t as busy, however? Ah well, ill try again in three days.”

Copy and paste that about 25 times, and you have the progress that I have made the last few weeks…up until this week.

After getting the suggestion from Matt last Friday, I went down to shoot and interview people around the outside of the site. What did the memorials look like? What crappy t-shirts and snow-globes were the vendors selling this week? And so on.

What I found was relatively surprising. there were almost no memorials around the site. I literally walked around the whole thing, spending about four hours shooting and taking the scene in, and I barely saw anything. All that was clearly visible were the computer-generated renders of the new WTC site.

The best one was a render of the entire complex, with the phrase “World Trade Center 2012” across the top. 

While making more headlines earlier in the year, the completion of the new buildings has been pushed back…way back…and now ranges from 2013-2016, depending on who you ask.

Here is a recent NYT article talking about the delays

I talked to a few folks, from tourists to workers, and while no one, out of about 20, agreed to be interviewed on camera but a very nice woman from the 9/11 Memorial Museum, the reactions were about what you would expect. 

I’ll post some photographs in a bit, and talk about what happened yesterday, when I was finally granted access to the site once again. For now, the above link has good, recent background information on what is going on with the delays.

Timelapse of WTC

November 14, 2008

Project Rebirth is an organization that is aiming to (pulled directly from site…couldn’t figure out an objectively way to reword it honestly)

  • Chronicle living history and honor 9/11 victims and first responders;
  • Collaborate with world class partners to advance projects and initiatives closely aligned with Rebirth’s content and mission;
  • Reinvest proceeds from commercial distribution of Project Rebirth’s documentary film to endow a Project Rebirth Center.

They do have an interesting timelapse project, however, which they are calling “the most extensive in the history of photography.”

Some of the cameras work, some don’t, some freeze…big surprise! Worth a look regardless.

Some interesting links

November 5, 2008

Because of the complete lack of progress on my end in terms of getting back into Ground Zero, I have decided to round up some links from around the web that pertain to the WTC site:

Silverstein Properties-run website, with photographs and video.

New York -Times Topics: World Trade Center page with all links/blogs about the WTC

PLENTY of information on there. I check these sites regularly, especially the NYTimes.